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Kinder Blend Starter Fertilizer

Use Kinder blend Starter Fertilizer (19-26-6) at time of planting at a rate of 5 lbs per 1,000 sq, ft.  Fertilizer will not harm seed and starter fertilizer should always be applied when planting new seed. 

Kinder blend Starter Fertilizer approximates the recommended ratio of 3-4-1 Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium for starting new seedlings.  One 25 lb bag of fertilizer covers 5000 sq. feet at a rate of 1 lb. of actual nitrogen and 1 1/2 lbs. of actual phosphorus per 1,000 sq. feet.  Phosphorus is important for root development of seedling plants. 

Important notice:   Turf fertilizer containing phosphorous is not recommended except when planting seed.  In some states phosphorus is banned except for use in starter fertilizer. When phosphorous is washed into storm drains it may be transported downstream to lakes where it contributes to algae blooms. 

Kinder blend Starter Fertilizer is better for your lawn for 2 reasons; 

  1. It contains methylene urea as 72% of its nitrogen source.  While 28% of the nitrogen is readily available to fast germinating seeds, the balance of the nitrogen is timed to release slowly for later germinating seeds.  In addition, methylene urea feeds the entire lawn for up to two months. 
    • Many starter fertilizers use a high percentage of fast release urea as their nitrogen source, which releases well before all the seeds have germinated and does nothing to feed the seedling plants in the critical first months of growth. 
    • Fast release nitrogen is a problem when overseeding an existing lawn.  It produces an immediate flush of top growth from the old plants which then compete with the new seedlings for water, light, and air. 
  2. Kinder blend Starter is made for use on golf courses.  The particle size is very small and it flows smoothly through your spreader.  Small particles result in better particle distribution and more fertilizer near each germinating seed.

Coverage:  One 25 lb. bag covers 5,000 square feet

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