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SS5000 Sunny Mixture Grass Seed

SS5000 Sunny Mixture

SS5000 Certified Sunny Mixture produces a beautiful lawn wherever bluegrass is adapted and where the site receives more than 4 hours of direct sun daily.  Contains the following superior elite varieties (20% each): 

Midnight bluegrass is one of the most beautiful bluegrasses ever bred.  Year after year it is at the top of the bluegrass trials for overall appearance.  We only use certified quality Midnight Kentucky bluegrass in our mixtures and blends.

Award bluegrass has excellent turfgrass quality and is one of the most disease resistant bluegrasses available. 

Bewitched bluegrass is a beautiful green variety that performs well in the sun as well as the shade-.

Grand Slam GLD perennial ryegrass germinates rapidly and provides extra durability and wear tolerance to the lawn.

Zodiac chewings fescue is a narrow bladed grass that germinates after Grand Slam GLD but before the bluegrasses.  It gives the lawn shade tolerance as well as early spring green-up. 

Seed Analysis Label

Seeding Rate: 4  lbs./1,000 sq. feet

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