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SS6000 Shade Mixture Grass Seed

SS6000 Shady Mixture

SS6000 Mixture is our premium cool season shade mixture.
It combines superior shade tolerant fine fescues with a shade tolerant Kentucky bluegrass to produce beautiful turf under moderate shade conditions. SS6000 contains  Zodiac chewings fescue, Cardinal II creeping red fescue, and Everest Kentucky bluegrass. 

Fineleaf fescues (chewings fescue, and creeping red fescue) are adept at capturing scarce sunlight because of the geometry of their leaf blades.  The needle-like blades do not shade each other, allowing for more sunlight exposure to the leaf surface where the plant converts sunlight into carbohydrates through photosynthesis.  In contrast, the leaves of wider bladed species such as tall fescue, perennial rye, and bluegrass block out more sun and generally require at least 4 hours of direct sun daily to flourish. With fine leaf blades, rich green color and slow vertical growth SS6000 performs exceptionally well in shaded conditions.

Zodiac chewings fescue is one the highest ranked chewings fescue in the 2008 NTEP Trial.  Zodiac contributes outstanding disease resistance to the SS6000 shade mix.

Cardinal II creeping red fescue produces a very dark green fine bladed turf.  Cardinal II has excellent drought tolerance, which is always an issue where turfgrass competes with trees for moisture. 

Everest Kentucky Bluegrass sets SS6000 apart from other shady mixes.  Although bluegrass is not known for shade tolerance, Everest is one of a handful of improved bluegrass varieties that performs well under shaded conditions.  The advantage of bluegrass compared to fine fescue is the ability to spread and thicken-up over time.  Where there is enough sunlight for Everest to persist, the turf will be thicker and denser.  In the shadier areas Everest will fade away over time and the shade tolerant fine fescues will dominate.

 Seeding Rate: 4  lbs./1,000 sq. feet

Overseeding rate: 2-4 lbs./1,000 sq. ft., depending on the condition of the turf

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