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Paul B, Boston, MA area

100% Bewitched lawn 2017

Bewitched Kentucky bluegrass

Paul had an average New England lawn of Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass and fine fescue.  In 2016 he decided to kill it and start over with 100% Bewitched Kentucky bluegrass, an improved shade tolerant cultivar.
He triple killed the old lawn with Round Up 10 days apart and liquid aerified 3 times during the summer of 2016 (Aerify plus).
Before planting he scalped the dead lawn to 3/4 inch cutting height.
On August 17, 2016 he spread about 35 lbs of Sod quality Bewitched seed over 12,000 sq ft. without disturbing the soil and topped it all off with 30 cubic feet of peat moss spread through a peat moss/compost spreader and rolled the lawn.  He used starter fertilzer at planting.
He watered frequently (3 X/day) with an inground sprinkler system.
He fertilized lightly (.5 lbs actual N/1,000 sq ft) 6 times after planting but before Thanksgiving and three times the following spring/summer with Milorganite and synthetic fertilizer.
I think you will agree the results in 2017 were very very good.  I have a feeling Paul has the best lawn on his block!  Well done.