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Don, Dayton OH

I started this project in the summer.  I did a complete renovation.  While the yard was tilled up I installed a sprinkler system which really helped maintain the quality of the lawn.  The original soil was in pretty good shape for southwest Ohio (Dayton).  The only amendment I made was working a bale of peat moss into the top 6 inches of soil per every 200 square feet.  After spreading the seed I worked it lightly into the soil with a little hand tiller and then pushed a roller over the prepared soil.  I kept the seed moist and waited for the magic.

I wanted at TRUE Kentucky Bluegrass Lawn.  I reviewed the truf trials to find the cultivars with the darkest green color.  I used your seed customizer and ordered a blend of 50% Midnight, 30% Award, and 20% Blue Velvet.  I seeded around Labor Day and by the end of October the lawn had filled in with plenty of young grass.  I only had a few spots no larger than a small plate that had sparse growth. 

I could not be more pleased with the results.  There were absolutely no noxious weeds or any undesirable varieties of grass, just the pure bluegrass I was looking for.

By the first of spring the lawn continued to mature.  I lightly tilled and seeded some of the spots that had not completely filled in.  It took until about the first week in May for the new lawn to really begin to flourish.  By mid-summer the lawn looked lush and full and had already gained the attention of the neighborhood.

I am now in my third full season of growth.  It keeps getting better and better each year as the grass matures.  It greens up around the first of April but it really takes until around Mothers's Day to show vigorous spring growth.

I follow a maintenance schedule posted on the Purdue University Turfgrass Program website.  In the spring and early summer I cut the lawn with a reel mower at a height of 1.5 inches.  As the weather gets hot I let it grow taller and cut at 2.5 inches, taking it back down in the fall.  In the fall I have to fight some powdery mildew and rust, but so far this has not caused any substantial damage; mostly a nuisance.