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Sabre III Poa Trivialis

Sabre III Poa trivialis (Roughstalk Bluegrass)

Sabre III Poa trivialis (roughstalk bluegrass) is adapted to poorly drained cool season shady sites. 

If you have this situation and the current turf has failed, we recommend a custom mix of 10% Sabre III Poa trivialis with 90% SS6000 Shady Mixture using the Seed Customizer tool.

Poa trivialis is a spreader with light green waxy leaves, so we do not recommend using it unless standing water and shade are a problem. 

Seed Analysis Label

Seeding rate: 2 lbs./1,000 square feet

Overseeding rate: 1-2 lbs /1,000 square feet depending on the condition of the turf

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Sabre III poa Triv
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