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Kinder Blend Turf Maximizer Fertilizer

Kinder Blend Turf Maximizer is specially formulated to bring out the natural beauty and full genetic potential of the improved turfgrass varieties we sell.  Turf Maximizer has two distinct advantages over the fertilizer you can purchase locally;The nitrogen is methylene urea, a time-tested, proven slow release nitrogen source that releases through the natural action of soil microbes over a 2 month period.  Turf Maximizer produces a beautiful, healthy lawn without a surge of growth requiring more frequent mowing.

  • The particle size is extremely small.  Turf Maximizer is "greens grade" quality, designed to disappear into golf course putting greens.  Small particles mean greater distribution of fertilizer across the lawn, placing more particles near each plant and producing a uniform green lawn.  In addition, greens grade fertilizer flows like sugar out of the bag into your spreader.

Unlike Turf Maximizer, the typical lawn fertilizer commonly found in retail stores contains fast release urea nitrogen.  For example the best selling turfgrass fertilizer sold in virtually every discount store and retail garden center in the country (32-4-8, 2% Iron) contains 19.5% urea, or 60% of the total nitrogen in the bag.

One of the worst things you can do to your lawn is feed it urea.  Applying urea fertilizer is the agronomic equivalent of feeding your lawn a supersized extra value meal.  It fills you up but we all know it's not healthy.

Four things happen when you put urea on your lawn, and none of them are good.

  • Urea releases within 72 hours, resulting in a flush of top growth and extra mowing.
  • Urea is consumed quickly and the green color of your lawn fades just as quickly.
  • Excess nitrogen can be washed through the soil profile contaminating ground water below.
  • Some urea escapes into the atmosphere in the form of ammonia gas without feeding the turf.

So do your lawn a favor and treat it to genuine golf course quality fertilizer.  You will be amazed at the results! 

For best results apply Turf Maximizer three times a year; Memorial Day (May 30), Labor Day (Sept 1), and Columbus Day (October 15).  South of the Mason-Dixon Line you can add one or two extra applications as necessary early and late in the growing season 

Coverage: One 25 lb. bag covers 5,000 square feet


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