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Mazama Kentucky Bluegrass


Mazama is the most shade tolerant bluegrass tested in the Carbondale, IL Shade Trial of the 2011 National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) Kentucky Bluegrass trial.

After 5 years of growing in shade, Mazama had 86.7% Fall ground cover, the highest percentage in the  trial out of 82 varieties tested,  In addition, Mazama had a 6.3 turfgrass quality rating over the course of the shade trial, the highest score of all varietes.

Mazama also performs great in full sun growing conditions.  It has very dark green color.  So if you want to create a custom mix of dark bluegrasses, don't leave out Mazama, especially if there is any shade in the yard.

Mazama is on the Recommended List in Virginia and North Carolina.

Mazama is one of 4 ingredients in our SS6000 cool season Shady Mix.

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Seeding Rate: 2 lbs per 1,000 sq ft

Overseeding rate: 1 lb per 1,000sq ft

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