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Mulch Master Shredded Straw


Mulch Master is the original shredded straw mulch.  

It comes in a 3.5 cubic foot plastic-wrapped bale weighing approximately 25 lbs.  

Recommended coverage is one bale per 800 sq. ft.

This 100% natural source of chopped straw is easy to spread and easy to store.  

Apply straw mulch over a newly seeded area to improve germination and enhance establishment by slowing down evaporation and retaining critical moisture around the seed before it sprouts. 

Mulch Master Shredded Straw is a big improvement over straw straight from the farm.  

  1. Easier to spread evenly without forming clumps that hinder seed germination.
  2. Faster to bio-degrade than whole straw so it does not need to be removed.
  3. Small straw pieces knit together better and are less likely to blow away.
  4. The durable plastic package is easy to store indoors or out.
  5. Mulch Master hides seed from birds.
  6. Mulch Master is processed in a factory to chop it into short pieces and to remove seed heads.  Un-processed straw bailed in a farmer's field can result in the seeding disaster shown in the picture below....wheat plants growing in the new lawn !!!!,Unwanted wheat plants in a new lawn
  7. We highly recommend using Mulch Master when you plant.  You'll be glad you did!

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