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Zodiac Chewings fescue grass seed

Zodiac chewings fescue

Zodiac is a superior fine leaf fescue used in our SS6000 shade mix.

Zodiac has "Good" shade tolerance, "Fine" leaf texture, and a nice dark green color that blends well with other fine fescues and Kentucky bluegrasses.

Zodiac finished "Very Good" for turfgrass quality in the LPI-2 trial in 2013 (PA, NJ, VA, IL, NE, RI) in the 2008 NTEP Fine Leaf Fescue Test (Final Report 2009-2013). 

With "Four Stars" for Spring green-up, Zodiac makes northern lawns look greener sooner.

Zodiac is on the Delaware Recommended List

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Seeding Rate: 4 lbs./1,000 sq. ft.

Overseeding Rate: 2-4 lbs./1,000 depending on the condition of your lawn

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