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Fahrenheit 90 bluegrass grass seed

Fahrenheit 90 Hybrid Kentucky bluegrass

Fahrenheit 90 Hybrid bluegrass is a cross of a female Texas Bluegrass (Poa arachnifera) plant selected at the USDA station in Oklahoma with SR 2109 Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis).  Seed from this cross was grown out in Adelphia NJ where a promising hybrid was identified and crossed with Lakeshore Kentucky bluegrass in 1997.  From this cross one promising hybrid was selected and named Fahrenheit 90. 

In a four year turf trial planted in Adelphia NJ in 2012, Fahrenheit 90 produced similar turfgrass quality compared to Bandera (another heat tolerant bluegrass cross) and had superior spring green-up measured on March 10, 2016 compared Bandera, Midnight, Award, and Bewitched.

Farhenheit 90 spreads by rhizomes (underground lateral shoots).  The unique  combination of heat tolerance and self-repair makes Fahrenheit 90 an excellent companionion for tall fescue in warm climates such as in the Carolinas and farther south.  We recommend a mixture 10% Fahrenheit 90 with 90% SS1000 tall fescue by weight to achieve a lawn of aproximately 50% each of bluegrass and tall fescue plants.  Use our Seed Customizer tool to make a custom mix or purchase components separately and make your own mix.



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Seeding Rate: 2 lbs./1,000 sq. ft.

Overseeding Rate:1-2 lbs./1,000 depending on how rapidly you wish to transform your lawn

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