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SS2000 Bermudagrass Blend grass Seed

SS2000 Bermuda Grass Blend

SS2000 is a 3-way blend of Yukon, Arden 15, Monaco bermudagrass.
Why plant a blend instead of a single variety?
You cannot predict the environmental stress a lawn will be exposed to during its lifetime, so genetic diversity is the best defense against stand loss.  Planting a single variety is literally putting all your eggs in one basket.  
Some people assume a blend will have a blotchy appearance. That is not the case when blending elite varieties like those in SS2000 which are closely matched in color and texture.  SS2000 is thouroughly mixed so the component varieties are uniformly spread all across your lawn and form constiently beautiful turf.

Yukon bermudagrass was bred at Oklahoma State University for improved cold tolerance.

In the 2007-12 National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) Yukon finished first for overall turfgrass quality among 25 seeded varieties tested at 16 locations and was statistically tied for first place for dark green color and fine leaf texture.

Yukon is on the Recommended List in Virginia and Maryland

Arden 15:

Arden 15 Bermudagrass (tested as experimental variety SWI-1070) has dark green color and very fine leaf texture similar to Princess 77 Bermudagrass.  

Arden 15 was bred in Maricopa AZ from a collection of bermudagrass plants (CG-10) found in Casa Grande AZ and an off-type plant from the variety Sultan. 

From 1999-2003 a vegative plot of this collection was evaluated for cold tolerance at the University of Kentucky.  In 2004 the survivors were returned to Maricopa, where seed was harvested and designated SWI-1070.

SWI-1070 was tested in the National Turfgrass Evaluation Trial 2007-12 and subsequently released as Certified Arden 15 Bermudagras.

Arden 15 is equal to Princess 77 in color, texture, and overall turfgrass quality, but is superior in cold tolerance.


Monaco is a dark green variety with fine leaf texture compared to seeded varieties tested in the 2014 National Turfgrass Evaluation Programn (NTEP) Bermudagrass Trial.

Monaco finished first among comercially available seeded varieites for Turfgrass Quality Ratings at 17 locations across the US from 2013-2017.  Monaco is an improvement over its successor variety Riviera.

 SS2000 seed is coated for better planting and more reliable germination.



Seeding Rate: 2 lb./1,000 sq. ft.

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